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Khatod Optoelectronic is leader manufacturer of optics for UV LEDs used in LED lighting devices for UV disinfection and sterilization applications.
Khatod UV optics improve the performance of UV LEDs and allow the development of highly efficient UV LED lamps, appliances and equipments.
Unique on the international scene, for over thirty-five years Khatod has specified and developed the entire product process 100% in house, Milano, Italy, from initial optical design to the final product, including mould and tooling engineering and manufacturing, product production process, PECVD Plasma metallization process.
We offer the most complete range of optical solutions for LED Lighting and a proven capability to develop custom optics that account for about 40% of total production. Qualified professionals support the customer from initial design and all along the product processing. Our strong vocation to achieve the best result and close collaboration with our partners of the industry are the best guarantee for our customers looking for the most proper optical solution for their requirements.
Your project is our project.

Khatod Optoelectronic Srl – Since 1985 - We Manufacture Solutions

Khatod. Advanced Technology, Unique Projects, Ready-to-Use

Pioneer of SILICONE LENSES, unique to OPTICAL SYSTEMS, forerunner of new-concept REFLECTORS, skilled developer of CUSTOM OPTICS. To its customers, Khatod makes available its newest industrial area - 28,700sqm of advanced technology - free of charge technical support, fast deliveries from HQ, corporate sales offices around the world and global distributors of the industry.
Standard products: over 6200 models from stock - optics, optical systems and reflectors - for most popular LEDs, for any kind of applications in LED Lighting. Made from top quality materials - optical grade PMMA (HT), PC, PMMI, ULTRA-CLEAR SILICONE (LSR) - by using exclusive manufacturing processes and superior finishing.
Custom Optics: Khatod started as manufacturer of custom optics when LED Lighting was in its early days, and they now account for about 40% of total production. Qualified professionals will support the customer from initial design and all along the product processing.

For your new projects, do not hesitate to contact Khatod. You will find not only a manufacturer of optics, but a real partner in your project.
Since 1985, from Project to Object. 100% Made in Khatod, Italy.


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    Khatod is rated to I 01 according to BASEL II Standards. This is the highest rating from Basel II.

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  • ISO 9001:2008 Certifications
    Khatod Optoelectronic S.r.l. is ISO 9001:2008 certified for design, production and sales of lenses and optical system for LEDs,  optoelectronic devices and passive components... Read more >

  • Conflict Mineral Statement
    ... declare that raw and semi-finished materials delivered to Khatod Optoelectronic Srl and needed for the production of Khatod ranges of models [...] do not contain any substances referred to as "conflict minerals"... Read more >

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    ... The European regulations and legislation ban and forbid the use and marketing of asbestos. Further to this and based on our suppliers' information and to our best knowledge, we declare that asbestos is not used in the processing of, or contained in, any of our products or packaging materials... Read more >

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    The RoHS Directive aims to restrict the use of hazardous substances used in the manufacturing of electronic products... Read more >

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    ...Further to the REACH Regulations and based on our suppliers' information and to our best knowledge, we declare that our products or packaging materials do not contain SVHC... Read more >

  • LENS Use and Maintenance
    Do not handle or install lenses without wearing gloves, skin oils may damage lens or light transmission; Clean lenses with mild soap and water and a soft cloth; Do not use any commercial cleaning solvents on lenses... Read more >

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